eInfochips is all set to showcase a holistic intelligent camera solution with AI inferencing on the edge at re:Invent, a major learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the global cloud computing community. The solution is built upon eInfochips’ Qualcomm® QCS610 based camera Reference Design Kit (RDK) leveraging Amazon Kinesis Video Streams (KVS) and AWS IoT.

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NOV. 29 – DEC. 3, 2021



Key Components

  • Camera RDK for for video capture and AI inferencing
  • SSD Mobilenet V2 for face detection model
  • Live stream using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams (KVS)
  • Alert triggered through AWS IoT
  • Live stream from local camera in one half of monitor and face detection statistics in second half

Qualcomm® QCS610 application processor that provides 8 cores and the heterogeneous computing power for high-quality images and video with low power consumption. It is an ideal platform to kick-start development of Smart Kiosk, Home/Industrial Automation, Tele-diagnostics, Smart Display and Videoconferencing solutions.

At re:Invent 2021, we will exhibit a live demo with camera and face detection on a remote kiosk to generate alerts via Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and AWS IoT and provide virtual support in various scenarios.

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Camera Reference Design based on Qualcomm® QCS610 / 410 SoC

eInfochips QCS610:

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