Retail companies are making a greater push towards providing a personalized and unified shopping experience for online and in-store consumers. IoT in the retail market has been estimated to grow at a CAGR of 20% from $14.2 Billion a year in 2015 to $35.6 Billion in 2020 (source: Markets and Markets). The need to understand consumer behavior, even in offline channels, pushes the retail stores to look for omnipresent analytics by interconnecting the sensors, cameras and point of sale equipment at the site to drive a unified intelligence.

We help our clients in building a comprehensive connected retail solution from the storefront to the back office. eInfochips has designed and deployed multiple solutions for its end clients including In-store retail surveillance, Handheld scanners, Point-of-Sale terminals, Digital Signage Solutions, Inventory management solutions, e-Commerce Solutions and many more.

Why eInfochips?

Strategic alliances

“Top 10 retail security solutions provider” in Retail CIO Outlook magazine

Vast portfolio of IPs

Developed In-store surveillance solution for the world’s 4th largest grocery store chain

Champions in product miniaturization

Expertise in both in-store and online customer shopping solutions

Unique skills on battery life optimization

Experts in Visual Search algorithms for image capture-search-buy in

Key Offerings

  • Retail video surveillance solutions, including video acquisition, compression, transmission, display, consumption and storage.
  • In-store Retail video analytics for people counting, footfall analysis, queue monitoring, customer journey mapping, etc.
  • Inventory Management: Developing RFID based tags, shelf pads, handheld barcode scanners for tracking and monitoring inventory needs
  • POS systems: End-to-end design solutions with custom workflows and user experiences
  • Mobile and Ecommerce enablement for smart shopping experience.
  • Interactive Digital signage solutions – from concept to product
  • Video Management Software with motion detection, privacy mask, bandwidth adjustable remote viewing, camera mapping and local/remote collaborative video investigation.
  • EzVisual Search: Visual Search algorithms based on Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) techniques



Unified Test Automation framework for web and mobile platforms.

Reusable Camera Framework

Accelerate your custom IP camera development with our re-usable firmware components/modules.

Success Stories

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