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Security and Surveillance: Faster, Smarter and Connected

Security and Surveillance: Faster, Smarter and Connected

The demand for physical security products, especially of biometrics, has been quite encouraging over the last one decade (Source: Transparency Market Research). This growth has, in fact, defied the parallel slowdown experienced across many other industries. We can attribute this to the ongoing worldwide threat from terrorism and rising incidents of urban crime, another fallout of the previous recession. These trends have led to an increase in spending on security products by enterprises and governments across the world.

Unsurprisingly, the growth of security companies, hinges on not just making profits by selling solutions, but focusing on latest technologies such as biometrics, RFID cards, gesture-based authentication, face recognition, vein structure authentication, voice recognition, heartbeat authentication, retina scans, RF controlled devices and much more. Each one of these technologies has its own trade-offs, in terms of not only cost vs. features, but also cost of failure vs. price points. Since these security systems are deployed in highly sensitive areas, it is important that the cost of failure is drastically brought down. So, the benchmark today is lowering the false acceptance and rejection ratios to less than 1 in a billion.

In an interconnected world, security solutions are being designed to be highly integrated and interoperable with surveillance products, thus, delivering a much higher value to the enterprise. Surveillance solutions, when combined with physical security products, have in fact, changed the very nature of security solutions. Over the last decade, the security Industry has moved on from conventional product design, to devices becoming smaller, cheaper and aesthetically appealing at a reduced cost. However, owing to greater market consolidation, newer challenges have emerged that require the devices to be faster, smarter and ever-connected.

For example, biometric access devices are expected to be interoperable with integrated security systems that comprise video surveillance, object detection and motion sensors, among other peripherals. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum), the leading open alliance for video surveillance has taken note of these market developments which has helped them publish their first standard for interconnectivity with access control and identity management peripherals. ONVIF has published their Profile C set of standards, after popular profile S for IP camera integration with VMS. With Home Automation and Security Systems receiving wider acceptance in the market, all personal, commercial and enterprise physical security installations are moving towards an integrated approach. ONVIF will thus, play a major role in keeping these installations interoperable, and seamlessly integrated.

With deep experience in physical security/identity management products (60+ Products) and video surveillance products (30+ designs and 10+ IPs), eInfochips is an ideal partner for bringing together the two worlds.

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