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Auto Industry Trends @ CES 2017 – Event Summary

Auto Industry Trends @ CES 2017 – Event Summary

It was a very busy week-end at CES 2017, with key highlights including the announcement of Best of CES 2017 finalists, and a ceaseless roll-out of the most innovative products impressing cheery onlookers and the press alike. On Day 1, eInfochips brought you the more recent technologies which are shaping the auto industry and the potential impact they would have in future.

For the remaining event, we continued exploring the mega-trends shaping the automotive industry although there were plenty of other innovative ideas on display too, for example this gem of a prototype by Kodak for photography lovers. It’s just my personal opinion but the auto displays really stood above the rest in terms of sheer imagination and sleek futuristic designs.

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the most bold and innovative ideas. For the sake of brevity, we couldn’t cover a lot of brilliant concepts but the ones listed below really stood out in terms of sheer awesomeness.

One of the most ubiquitous displays at the event was Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa which is the most powerful voice activation solutions for automobiles, poised to make driving a piece of cake in the future. It’s mission could be summarized in succinct words. Yes, you read it right. The future is about moving on from a “touch-based” user interface system that we’re all familiar with, towards a more advanced and intelligent, visual and voice- based recognition software.

Alexa for many kinds of devices.

D 2 002

The trend of Vehicle-to-vehicle communication and intelligent transit was a major discussion points with displays including Honda’s Safe Merge technology. eInfochips has also come with its own design of Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication.

D 2 003

Cohda Wireless’s concept of vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

D 2 004

Bosch’s smart city blueprint was straight from the future.

D 2 005

Autonomous cars continued to be the rage, with Nissan’s concept winning many takers.

D 2 006

High quality wearables, headphones and other infotainment solutions

D 2 007

Giving Smart Cities a Facelift with Intelligent Roadside Unit, by NXP

D 2 008


Just like day 1, the big  ticket concept cars were a real crowd-pleaser. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest crowd-pleasers. Again, for the sake of brevity, we may not have been able to cover all of them.

BMW’s holo-active touch-free infotainment system cars represents the latest advancement in tactile vehicle communication.

D 2 009

Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision hints at zero emissions and a zero fatalities future.

D 2 010

That’s one heck of a self-driving car! Chrysler’s Portal, an all-electric minivan, continued to be a major draw, intelligently uniting vehicle interiors and their connectivity features with advanced sensing and control algorithms.

D 2 011

nThe Mercedes mini-van is the real definition of an AI-car, allowing both driver (if there is a need for one) and the passengers to control their internal environment with a user-friendly interface.

D 2 012

Drones and delivery systems from Mercedes were about making a statement.

D 2 013

And, how can we forget the racing cars!

D 2 014

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