eInfochips review by Bruce Smith, President & CEO – Safety Vision

“We have been working with eInfochips for three years now and have had a great experience. We gave them a very large project for our mass transit operation, and over a short period of time, eInfochips were able to accomplish in the first run, with minor modifications. It was a huge deal for us, and we saved a lot of time. We were quicker to market and had less headaches.”

About Safety Vision

Safety Vision, LLC is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance products in North America. An innovator in the mobile surveillance industry, Safety Vision has been in business for over 25 years to enhance mobile safety and maximize operational efficiency. Safety Vision designs and supplies products that help improve visibility to protect assets, reduce liability, and improve safety. Safety Vision also offers solutions such as wireless downloading, live viewing, GPS mapping, real-time alerts, and advanced recording technology to further enhance its safety solution.

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