Video IPs

eInfochips offers a stack of video IPs that allows enterprises to take video solutions to market in no time

Video Analytics Card

Standards Compliant, Configurable High Definition H.264 Encoder

eInfochips’ H.264 Advanced Video Codec Main-Profile (MP) encoder is ITU-T H.264 Video Coding Experts Group and ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) standard compliant. The H.264 MP encoder works on Texas Instruments’ DM6467 EVM and eInfochips' DVPB-HD. The encoder supports configurable frame rates, interlaced video and slice level encoding.

High Definition (HD) Digital Video Processing Board

Rapid multimedia product / module development for TI DM6467 platform

DVPB-HD is a rapid development platform based on Texas Instruments’ DM6467 DaVinci™ Technology Platform. DVPB-HD enables developers jump-start their application development and is ideal for rapid prototyping of end-products. DVPB-HD is bundled with a software package consisting BSP, SDK Framework and demo application enabling systems and application engineers develop their applications.

Scalable Video Processing SoM (System on Module)

Upgrade performance later in the product lifecycle with a pin-compatible SoM

The Video Processing SoM is available in two flavors – TI DM8148 and TI DM 8168 based. While these DSPs are not pin-compatible, our SoM solutions are ideal to enhance performance of your product design later in the lifecycle. This compact, power frugal SoM has been deployed on multiple key applications that require Video Processing capabilities.

eIntelliserve Reference Design

Intelligent Multi Channel Video Server

eIntelliserve is a high performance, high density video server reference design based on TI DM643x ‘DaVinci’ Technology. It supports advanced video processing technologies and industry-proven video content analytics algorithms like ObjectVideo® Onboard™. The solution is for OEMs and security systems providers building the next generation IP surveillance systems.

RTP/RTSP Protocol Stack

A low foot print, high performing communication stack for streaming media applications

RTP/RTSP is a highly optimized stack with a very low footprint. This protocol stack is compliant to protocol stack compliant to RFC 2326 and RFC 1889/3550. It is able to send audio and video for unicast and multicast RTP streams to RTP/RTSP clients. It supports H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, AAC, MP3, G726, G.711 (A-Law, U-Law) and MPEG2TS codecs and is interoperable with QuickTime, MPlayer, VLC and Real media players.

HLS Protocol Stack

HTTP based media streaming communication protocol

This media streaming protocol was implemented by Apple Inc. as a part of their QuickTime X and iPhone software systems. eInfochips HLS server protocol stack is ideal for high capacity video server applications for transcoding and trans-rating multimedia content for various viewer devices.

3D Video Conferencing Framework

3D video generation from two 2D video inputs

This eInfochips algorithm processes two side-by-side 2D frames (from videos) and stitches them in an orientation that would generate 3D video content, in real time. eInfochips provides a framework to accelerate 3D video technology integration and the development of other video applications on Android.

Skype Integration Framework

Skype solution including GUI, video and audio component integration, and driver interfaces

eInfochips has developed a market proven framework which allows seamless integration of Skype voice and video conferencing technology into products such as Tablet, Smart phone, Smart TV, Set-top box, VoIP phone kit, etc. This framework abstracts Skype Run Time Engine / SDK to be deployed on various solutions comprising of different combination of embedded processors, OS platforms, and UI technologies.

Vigil360 Video Surveillance Solution

Surveillance Solution to manage video and camera configurations

Vigil360 is a customizable eInfochips IP for surveillance applications. It can monitor and control content from multiple video cameras from a single console. It also has a playback feature for forensic analysis and a utility for IP camera control. It can integrate with IP cameras directly, or use NVRs/DVRs. It supports connectivity and configuration with ONVIF and PELCO standard cameras. Since it is an eInfochips IP, we can add support for any custom or standard IP camera as required.

Machine / Computer Vision Solutions

Solutions for video analytics and cognitive decision making applications

This solution caters to acquiring, processing, analysing, and understanding video / images. It produces statistical / Meta data information to enable advance & cognitive decision making applications like automatic inspection, process control, robot guidance, ID tracking, theft detection, people counting, object identification.

Video analytics IP supports features like Basic motion tracking, Human/Non-Human Classification, Human Fall detection, Scatter Alert, High Speed Alert, Heat Map reflecting the numerical distribution of Tracked Entity, Carried Object detection, Human Form Matching, Shadow Removal, Video Summary, Video Stitching /Video 360, Pose Estimation, Rule based event triggers.

Machine / Computer Vision Solutions also include Image processing solution with features like Optical Character / Number recognition (OCR / ONR), Textual content retrieval, Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). We have ready solutions for LPR (licence plate recognition), Face recognition, Digital Signage, Defect detection, Final inspection of sub-assemblies, Packaging Inspection, Automatic PCB inspection, Robot Orientation, Gauging etc.

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Thank you all for the huge effort you expended in getting our product to the point where we could release it. All the late nights, phone calls, customer problems, etc, can be very overwhelming at times, but you guys never give up. The SW base is now more stable.

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