Advanced Video Analytics Solutions

Why just monitor when your systems can actually react intelligently?

Video analytics has become the game changer for many modern-day surveillance applications. Its scope span across monitoring functions to providing actionable customer insights to autonomous controls, for varied applications in Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Security & Surveillance, Smart Cities, and others.

With a decade-plus experience in the domain of security and surveillance, we provide advanced Video Analytics, for multiple industries, covering the most common use cases for surveillance, security, and customer intelligence.

We have a strong competency in developing video analytics and image processing algorithms for any custom requirements. We also have in-depth knowledge and expertise in porting of such solutions on the edge devices, and integrating into the Video Management System.

Why eInfochips for Advanced Video Analytics?

Advanced Video Analytics


Strong team of in-house experts for custom algorithm development from scratch


Complete image processing development platform (SDK) available for tuning and visualization

REST-based APIs ready to integrate with VMS and other systems on-premise


Vast experience in catering to multiple industries such as Retail, Fleet Management, System Integration, Commercial & Government securities and smart city initiatives


Strong domain understanding covering deep learning, artificial intelligence, CBIR etc.

Proven track record of working with Fortune 100 companies in the field of VMS and Video Analytics development, tuning and porting


A wide range of video analytics developed – 20+ use case developed on a need basis for multiple industries

Our Expertise in Video Analytics

  • Image processing expertise using CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval)
  • Capability of tuning any algorithm for catering to customer requirement
  • Expertise on benchmarking for Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Target translation of extremely complex algorithms prototypes on any given platform
  • Edge analytics implementation for multiple deployment scenarios
  • All under one roof supplier for security and surveillance solutions – includes Camera (NVR/DVR/Codec) Development, Video Management software, Video Analytics suite and access control systems

Video Analytics Solutions:  Turning Video into Actionable Insights


Camera Tampering

  • Camera Tampering or malfunctions
  • Brightness / Blurrness detection
  • Blockage detection for paint spray and foreign objects

Crowd Management

  • Face recognition
  • Person tracking & counting
  • People scattering
  • People gathering


  • Pedestrian detection
  • Object detection
  • Road sign detection

Surveillance Functionalities

  • Suspicious Activities
    • Large number of scenarios
    • Custom scenarios defined by customer
  • Threat detection – Lost and Found
  • Theft detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Perimeter protection - Autonomous PTZ tracking

Traffic Management

  • Vehicle taking wrong turn
  • No parking zone violation detection
  • Vehicle counting and classification
  • Vehicle needing assistance
  • License plate detection and recognition

Queue Management

  • Count of people
  • Serve time prediction

Vandalism detection


Image Masking


Tail-gating prevention

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