Seamless Backend System Integration

The online buyer verifies availability and delivery timeline for a product along with the product price and other functional details. In fact, these figures drive the purchase decision. The CRM, ERP and supply chain are the immediate connectors to this vital data. The order cycle right from purchase to delivery depends on how well these systems are integrated and synchronised.

These fundamental blocks of the order processing system got developed much earlier, with less visibility over future expansion and integration flexibilities needed for the online buying ecosystem. Most organizations have these legacy systems in arbitrary combinations of underlying technology. Many invested in them at the time of brick and mortar setups and investment is huge. A rip and replace is not the ideal migration. Also, integrating these dissimilar platforms together and with-in the e-commerce framework is too complex.

eInfochips helps to integrate the disparate backend to your e-commerce platform, payment gateways and the social applications, seamlessly. We have developed the expertise working across technologies, platforms with multiple custom integrations for leading etailers. We have deep technology expertise with individual abilities in ERP, CRM, data warehousing, BI and OLAP implementations.

Magento Consulting

Magento is the leading, open-source e-commerce platform. Our team of Magento experts can help to build an e-commerce store from scratch suggesting myriad of design options, leveraging the out-of-the-box functionalities as well customization to suit your specific needs. We can also help you migrate from an existing platform to Magento smoothly as well while integrating with the existing backend ERP, CRM, supply chain, the billing gateways and third-party applications. Leveraging our experience, we have also developed various extensions for ready integration with the Magento platform. These extensions are already available at the Magento store. 

Liferay Consulting

Liferay is an open-source enterprise portal and collaboration platform based on JAVA framework. It offers content/document management with Microsoft office integration, web 2.0, shared workspaces and enterprise application integration. eInfochips offers consulting, implementation, customization to maintenance and support services for the Liferay platform. We help to seamlessly integrate the Liferay platform with your existing IT ecosystem and over the existing servers and database. While migrating an existing platform to Liferay, we assist to ensure the migration is smooth with critical data protection. We have a strong pool of JAVA professionals and experience in its fundamental scripting languages including Python, Ruby and PHP.

MongoDB Analytics Integration

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database system. Classified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB is free and open source software. The GridFS system enables storage of large objects by dividing them among multiple documents. Map/Reduce in MongoDB allows batch processing and aggregation of output. Mongo DB applications range from high volume content management, social networking, archiving to real-time analytics. We have a pool of MongoDB experts who can help you plan the capacity, implementation model for MongoDB and do the customizations to match your specific needs.

Besides MongoDB, we have also developed expertise in Hadoop implementation, more suitable for non-real-time data processing.

Experience Personalization


A retailer needs to offer features and functions that differentiate his online store from the tons of other selling the same product, in the common market and to the same set of audience. Further, customizations are needed depending on the site operational model B2B or B2C; the industry/products targeted and even the region of selling. There are several e-commerce platforms available, many with out-of-the-box implementations with little or no customizations. Proprietary ones have a noticeable cost, while those open to customizations need deep technical skill-set and intermittent support. eInfochips has proven expertise in open-source Magento e-commerce platform. Our technology experts leverage their deep expertise in PHP/Zend framework to deliver custom implementations to match the individual choices. This offers the flexibility to built-up a customised store with differentiated look and feel, UI and user experience.

User Experience

Right from the look and feel of the virtual store to the user interactions, a personalized experience is must. Recognizing returning users, suggesting products matching their previous buying choices, offering customized loyalty deals, displaying a friend’s choices deriving insights from the buyers’ social data and other such personal touch points make the e-commerce platform more engaging and effective. We help integrate the customer database, social media and other applications to derive the necessary insights. Considering the size of such data is enormous, we have developed specific skill-set in Hadoop and MongoDB modelling and analytics.

Seamless Integration

At the fundamental level is the need of an uninterrupted service from the point of offering product choices to the buyer to the product delivery. This needs a strong interconnected backend, with the ERP, CRM, ECM/DMS, supply chain, billing and POS working together, with real-time data synchronization. eInfochips helps to integrate these important blocks of the order processing cycle, seamlessly, with the e-commerce platform.

Mobile Commerce

Mobility is redefining the buyer interactions as the borders between personal and professional, home and office, device and application disappear. Leading retailers have concluded a hit ratio of almost 50% on their online sites coming from mobile devices. The ratio is bound to increase.

A buyer expects a seamless experience on your e-commerce site irrespective of the access device. The product search experience, content view, site navigation, look and feel and the user interaction speed are the basic aspects that suffer uniformity losses across devices.

eInfochips offers solution to build a mobile-commerce platform from scratch and also helps in matching the mobile user experience to the active online store experience. We can ensure the mobile site experience is uniform and the performance is best optimized across devices and OS versions. We have already delivered applications in a mix of native/web/hybrid applications for Android Phones, IPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Java phones. The mobility experts are hands-on with QT-the cross-platform UI and application development framework and HTML 5, with focus on visual design and usability.

We have also developed solution accelerators such as the Android Test Automation framework to squeeze the mobile application testing cycles and minimize development efforts. The proprietary create-to-publish solution accelerators for video content help to integrate and deliver the Video-on-Demand e-commerce solutions. We also have experience delivering context aware applications with rich mobility features including location and presence. Imagine suggesting a nearest store location to a buyer on-the-go based on his active location.