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The software engineering team at eInfochips are a group of highly motivated, experienced and skilled individuals who take pride in solving complex engineering problems. Both our onshore and offshore teams work seamlessly with our clients by taking complete ownership of the product line including SDLC processes, SOA implementation, Product localization, Multimedia integration, and test automation and management. Being a one-stop solutions partner for software engineering, we work in the following segments.


The number of connected devices has sky rocketed in the last few years and it is expected to touch 200 billion in the near future. On the other hand, we are also looking at a trillion sensors networks within a decade. We are preparing ourselves to meet these gigantic needs by enabling solutions for sensor integration, hardware and firmware for gateways and edge nodes, multi-protocol gateways, mobility solutions, data analysis platforms, and the entire IoT server and cloud solutions. Our solutions for IoT, Cloud and Mobility are second to none.


With more than 25+ award-winning product IPs, eInfochips has a strong track record of providing Application Software Development services, providing full R&D services that cover all lifecycle stages in software development, from product conceptualization to enhancements, QA/testing and support. We provide software development for new systems while yielding value through sustenance engineering for legacy products. Trust and customer satisfaction forms the bedrock of our software engineering practice.


The QA and test automation practice at eInfochips helps ensure that our client’s end customers trust their products and solutions for being defect-free, functional and delivering high performance. Our team is adept at risk-based testing processes, considering that 50% of our testing is on critical systems. We bring in leading industry practices that have matured across hundreds of projects, to weed out corner cases for product failure while ensuring technical debt reduction at various sprints. Our target is to achieve 100% user acceptance and we have developed mature systems and processes to track effectiveness of the testing tools being employed.


eInfochips engineers have certified expertise in several tools Microsoft BI, Tableau, Jaspersoft (TIBCO), Pentaho, Talend, Apache Hive, Flume, Sqoop, R, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Microsoft SQL Server, HBase and Oracle. Our expertise in the Business Intelligence and Visualization practice enables us to tap data from disparate sources and multiple formats to provide you with actionable insights, right business metrics and visualization for informed decision making. Our motto is crunch the data at the backend and present a meaningful information for client decision making on the front-end.

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