Lifecycle Management

As technologies advance rapidly, enterprise cannot afford to keep operating on their legacy systems beyond a limit due to escalating maintenance costs, performance dips and quality constraints. It can be challenging to complete the transition to newer technologies without the steep learning curve required in gaining desired skills and technical competence.

Global companies team up with eInfochips to assist their technology and legacy migration onto latest systems while greatly benefiting from reduced operational costs and improved business efficiency. We help our clients in the entire lifecycle management of their products and solutions built on newer platforms, all the way from concept to release management. The value we bring is evident across multiple result areas, from localization, globalization and L2-L4 support, to component obsolescence management, new interface support and value engineering/BOM optimization.

Why eInfochips?


Concept-to-production capability to undertake faster, turnkey product realization


Technology migration approach consistent with business aims and performance criteria


Exclusive early access to latest technology platforms


Minimal business risks and reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Key Offerings

  • Technology Migration
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Localization/Globalization
  • Release Management
  • L2-L4 Support
  • New Interface support
  • Component Obsolescence Management
  • Value Engineering / BoM Optimization

Success Stories

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