Collision Awareness System for Manufacturing and Assembly Plant

Executive Summary

A Japan-based leader in Automotive engineering was looking for a solution to optimize factory operations and movements of objects to reduce incidents of collisions at its manufacturing facility in Detroit MI, USA. The primary challenge was to reduce frequent occurrences of hazardous collisions and accidents involving Tuggers that carried assembly parts and other machinery or human beings. This was a serious concern, as it not only had an impact on the safety of workers, but also incurred loss due to damage and litigations.

eInfochips provided a comprehensive LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) solution in both wired and wireless variants for continuous tracking of 360-degree surroundings of the Tuggers and the Trollies. The system helped in real-time tracking of factory vehicles and provided feedback to drivers without any delay, operating efficiently on vehicles moving at upto 10 miles per hour.

This solution based on CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol helped the client with significant reduction in hazardous incidences at factory plant, reduced costs of litigation and accidents related compensation as well as ease of functioning and mobility of factory floor employees, drivers, and assets.

Project Highlights

    • LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) based Wired and Wireless solution for minimizing collisions on the factory floor.
    • Continuous real-time 360-degree environment monitoring and alerts to drivers.
    • Reduced floor accidents, hazards, and related litigations.
    • Comprehensive safety of humans and machinery across manufacturing plant.
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