TMDXEVMPCI Custom Product Development

This is a passive adaptor card that allows select TI EVMs with an AMC header to be converted to a PCIe x4 lane edge connector so they can be inserted into a desktop PC or any where a PCIe header is utilized. The selected TI EVM must support native PCIe on the DSP. This card is a adaptor and requires a compatible TI DSP EVM with AMC edge connector ezzanine card.







Hardware Features
  • Adaptor card is a x4 Lane form-factor
  • One x4 lane PCIe PCB edge finger connector
  • One AMC B+ style (170 pin) PCB edge finger connector
  • One AMC B+ style connector housing (AMC Socket) to hold the TMDXEVM 667xL/LE
  • Connector to provide DC power to the FAN (when needed)
  • +12VDC from x4 Lane PCIe Edge Fingers (when inserted in ATX motherboard)
  • +12VDC from jack on TMDXEVM667xL/LE
  • +12VDC from AMC Carrier Back-Plane
  • RoHS Compliant Design
Software Features
  • Latest MCSDK software release containing PCIe sample code is available here.
Kit Content
  • TMDXEVM PCI AMC to PCIe Adaptor Printed Circuit Assembly
  • Mounting Studs, Screws and Spacers
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Important Notice (Warranty Card)


“The EVM board hardware and software versions can be identified as below:
PCA – Printed Circuit Assembly; PCB – Printed Circuit Board; SW – Software”

PCA REV  PCB REV  Description
Hardware Software
18-00107-03 17-00107-03 Pilot build – Released in June-2012 Production build: Released in July-2011 Modified PCB stack-up from 4-layer to 6- layer board.

Resources – TI TMDXEVMPCI Support

This page contains the latest support documentation for the AMC to PCIe Adaptor Card (TMDXEVMPCI). For TMDXEVMPCI Card support related questions, please send us an email at


Latest EVM Documentation

TMDXEVMPCI Quick Setup Guide

Quick steps to setup the TMDXEVMPCI with TMDXEVM667xL/LE EVM

AMC to PCIe Adaptor Card Schematics PDF Schematics in PDF format.

Schematics in PDF format.

AMC to PCIe Adaptor Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and comments from EVM users.

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