September 2017

September 2017

snapbricks vms: for advanced video surveillance – brochure

Snapbricks VMS: For Advanced Video Surveillance – Brochure

Today, businesses need an intelligent, integrated, and scalable video surveillance solution, providing continuous monitoring and enhanced insights into business operations. Connected VMS solutions are rapidly becoming ubiquitous, across industries, government, and commercial establishments. Snapbricks VMS on cloud is developed to provide a highly customizable video management solution at a lower total cost of ownership. Download Brochure

whitepaper applying deep learning for a driver assessment module

Whitepaper: Applying deep learning for a driver assessment module

Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) have proven themselves to be a very powerful identifier of road features in self-driving automotive technologies. A team of engineers from eInfochips trained CNN to detect road types and roadside features. With the help of various datasets used for such a training, the model teaches driving skills to an automobile similar to how a toddler learns how to walk. This article describes how the CNN model can be trained and integrated within an existing Driver Assessor System. Download Whitepaper on Driver Assessment Module.

Video Management Software – A System Integrator’s Perspective

Video Management Software – A System Integrator’s Perspective

System integration, especially when it comes to Integrated Security projects, takes much more than just bringing the sub-systems together and installing them as a working solution. This blog addresses some key challenges that system integrators face and tries to provide ways  to deal with the same. Read More

looking for continuous integration and continuous delivery in qa? devops can help you

Looking for continuous integration and continuous delivery in QA? DevOps can help you

DevOps encourages development and operation teams to function as one single cohesive unit, focused on delivering business values across the IT value chain. It also helps in release management, delivery and deployment with continuous automation. Here we will discuss how DevOps can be helpful to deliver continuous integration & continuous delivery in QA. Read More.

debugging of mixed signal soc in an effective and efficient way to save multi-billion $ loss

Debugging of Mixed Signal SoC in an effective and efficient way to save multi-billion $ loss

To efficiently verify modern Mixed Signal SoC, verification engineers face a myriad of challenges every day. As designs keep getting larger and more complex, it has a profound impact on the verification cycle. This article outlines many of the advance steps one must follow for effectively and efficiently debugging a Mixed Signal SoC. This article can be helpful for AMS verification engineers who want to debug and verify Mixed Signal SoC. Learn More

processor-in-loop simulation embedded software verification & validation in model based development

Processor-In-Loop Simulation: Embedded Software Verification & Validation In Model Based Development

Embedded software designs such as those for avionics and automotive systems have become highly complex to develop, test and certify. As a result, the traditional document driven environments, without coordination among involved developers, are quality and costs associated with the lifecycle of such embedded software programs. Download Whitepaper.

uvm sequence library - usage, advantages, and limitations

UVM Sequence Library - Usage, Advantages, and Limitations

Increasing size and complexity of designs and systems have made it mandatory to randomize the stimulus driven to these designs, as directed scenarios will take more time to complete the verification. Along with randomization, there is a need of same design code to be exercised multiple times, this is achieved through multiple simulations of same test sequence. Read More

eInfochips in News

einfochips recognized as an established & niche player in zinnov zones iot technology services

eInfochips Recognized as an Established & Niche player in Zinnov Zones IoT Technology Services

Zinnov recognized eInfochips’ IoT Technology Services in Product Engineering, System Integration, and Managed Services, and its strong engineering competencies in Sensor & Devices, Communication, and Platform & Application competencies. Read More

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