Sep 2016


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From AVP’s desk

Abhishek Binaykia,Associate Vice President – Marketing

Dear Friends,
“Paris, 2015. Brussels, 2016. Two of the worst terror attacks in recent times. It is widely acknowledged that these could have been avoided, through better intelligence co-ordination between the concerned agencies. Let’s go a step further. Most of the attackers were on watch lists. There are surveillance cameras all over the cities, certainly so at airports, train stations and other key areas. What if these surveillance systems had intelligence built in, that recognized these attackers by comparing their images with a pre-existing database, sounded an alert and security agencies would have apprehended them before they had a chance to carry out their heinous acts? Innumerable innocent lives could have been saved. This is what an intelligent surveillance system is meant to do.

Imagine you are a retail store owner struggling with sales. Using intelligent surveillance along with technologies like heat mapping, face recognition, etc. can give you invaluable insights on product placement, effectiveness (or lack thereof) of advertising and enable a customized customer experience. Using intelligent surveillance in fleet transportation can allow operators to monitor drunk driving, accidents, property damage- the list is endless. So while public safety/security might appear to be the primary area driving growth in surveillance solutions, there are numerous other applications that are seeing the benefits of such solutions as well. According to Markets and Markets, the global video surveillance market will reach $71B by 2022, at a CAGR of 16%. I actually think these are conservative estimates.

There are a wide variety of factors that need to be considered when implementing a surveillance solution. Choice/design of cameras, high accuracy video feeds with no latency, seamless data transfer over wireless devices, ability to sort through and find relevant clips, high end graphics and pixilation, super low light performance are some of the areas of consideration when selecting and implementing a video management solution. Video analytics is a very important area as well, because most, if not all of the intelligence, will be derived from the ability to analyse, understand & act upon the data. With companies across the world now preferring opex models instead of capex, cost becomes a consideration and the cloud comes into play in a big way. There are some exciting video surveillance offerings in our pipeline, which I strongly believe, will allow us to expand our footprint in the video management solutions ecosystem.

eInfochips has delivered camera solutions with capabilities including Quad HD support, 4K Resolution, FPGA-based Design, ONVIF and PSIA support, PTZ Control, Video Analytics (Real-time), PoE+ support and Wireless connectivity. Our designs are optimized for low latency and high reliability. Our teams have experience on multiple image sensors. Some of our clients are Fortune 500 companies that have very specific camera design requirements that are not available off-the-shelf. We can also stake claim to developing the world’s first FPGA-enabled 4k camera, while working on biometrics, RFID cards, gesture-based authentication, face recognition, vein structure authentication, voice recognition, heartbeat authentication, retina scans, RF controlled devices and much more. Video management is one of our core strengths, and we continue to innovate and execute.

Best Regards

Abhishek Binaykia,
Associate Vice President – Marketing


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