Oct 2016

Abhishek Binaykia,Associate Vice President – Marketing

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Dear Friends,

The inherent need for developing an intelligent connected solution is pushing companies like yours to expand and innovate beyond its core capabilities. Today, we see a lot of IoT projects, across verticals, focused on building the nexus between physical and digital worlds. With multitudes of technological options, the bigger challenge, however, lies in choosing and enabling the right solution that will just not meet the current requirements, but continue to be relevant and scalable for future needs. We are leading this initiative, with our clients, towards enabling a smarter ecosystem of connected devices via our product engineering services and new market-oriented IP offerings. From our DevOps and device lifecycle management frameworks to designing the world’s smallest form factor SoM – we focus on bringing tremendous value to our clients. With this new edition of eInsights, I would like to invite you to view the changing technological world from our engineering eyes.


Wireless Chargers are in! Here’s how they Work

Wireless charging is an emerging technology with plenty of scope for improvement. eInfochips helps its clients with both software/firmware and hardware development. einfochips had recently provided a design solution for one of the customers for 3-coil wireless charger transmitter that supports Qi mid-power and low power specs. This helps in transferring up to 15W power with more than 60% efficiency… Read More


A Peek inside your Camera - I: Image Signal Processing (ISP) Pipeline

To capture crisp and clear images from a smartphone camera or camcorder, a camera must embed an “image signal processing (ISP) pipeline” or a “video signal processing” pipeline. This blog talks about how a modern camera works, starting with a description of the ISP pipeline … Read More


How to Obtain Google's GMS License for Android Devices

If you’re a device manufacturer planning to enter the highly profitable Android market for the very first time, you will have to prepare for the hidden costs involved in building an Android device, while meeting the stringent approval requirements of Google.. Know More


Case Study : Mobile App Development with Product Discovery & e-Commerce

The client is a US-based company, manufacturing a wide range of engineering composite materials used in worktops and walls of residential as well as commercial properties.To expand its reach within the target segment and to attract new business opportunities from smartphone users, the client wanted to develop an Android & iOS-compatible mobile app, with support for QR code functionality to visualize products in greater detail.. Download Case Study


Case Study : Physical Design of Switch Chip to Support 90+Tbps Throughput in Data Centers

The client is a multinational networking company, looking to enable multi–terabyte throughput in next-generation switch chips to address the high performance and operational (24×7 availability) needs of data centers and enterprise networking routers. Moreover, there were significant challenges to be resolved in power, area and timing. Considering its earlier experience in other projects, the client engaged eInfochips as a technology partner for its first 28nm CMOS program to enable physical design implementation … Download Case Study


Reducing the Elaboration time in Silicon Verification with Multi-Snapshot Incremental Elaboration (MSIE)

The most common elements of SoC architecture include one or more embedded processors (e.g. DSPs), functional units, interfaces of standard buses, timing sources e.g. oscillators, on-chip and off-chip memory and such. As the complexity of SoC increases and the size continues to decrease, accommodating the greater number of blocks/design units is a more complex procedure… Know More

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eInfochips Rated as an ‘Established’ IoT Service Provider by Consulting Firm Zinnov

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