Feb 2017

Feb 2017

When to opt for Cloud based Video Surveillance?

Worldwide, Video Management Software (VMS) has become a highly visible component of business, with the market estimated to be worth over USD 71.28 Billion by 2022, and an estimated CAGR of 16.56% (MarketsandMarkets, March 2016). The market is highly fragmented today due to increasing blurring of boundaries between cloud-based VMS solutions and on-premise VMS devices. No matter how the end solution is deployed, the trend today is that service providers are aiming for precision, greater user efficiency and lesser costs. Read More

Addressing Smart Home Automation challenges using DevOps

DevOps can be used to build the software platform to run all the connected devices in the home automation systems. Through that platform an organization can serve millions of customers to help them connect their devices via cloud. DevOps can be helpful in managing stateful and historical data at large scale. Customer can have a real time experience and virtualization of all home data through continuous integration and deployment using DevOps…. Read More

Solving the Challanges in Smart Energy Meter Deployment

As the world moves towards a connected future, smart energy management and consumption is becoming a top priority for energy providers and consumers respectively. With IoT and ideas like smart factory playing a major role in business operations, utility companies are planning to roll out millions of smart meters to help industrial and residential users efficiently manage their electricity consumption while simultaneously helping lower their Energy costs.,, Read More

5 Software Testing Trends to keep an eye on in 2017

eInfochips examines the biggest trends in software testing for the year ahead. From Python and Ruby languages to the role of Agile, CI and DevOps, we have a lot to look forward to. For the last few years, we have seen a rapid evolution of the software testing industry due to the emergence of new, disruptive technologies and processes.So, what has 2017 in store for us at the testing community?.. Read More

Webinar - Lower Geometry Challenges and Optimization of ARM Cortex Processors

Today’s complex SoC’s have aggressive performance, area and power targets. Moving to lower technology nodes can deliver substantial performance gains while allowing additional logic – but this often creates challenges for design engineers. eInfochips and ARM have collaborated through the ARM Approved design partner program to provide solutions to these challenges for ARM® Cortex® processor based SoCs.

The webinar will discuss some of the challenges designers face, including congestion and timing closure at the block and full chip level. We will talk about our experiences in solving these issues, and how to minimize the impact on the turnaround time of the physical design


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