Aug 2016


A “Unified Automation” solution for Web/Desktop/Mobile/Device testing

It is important to define the desired state of infrastructure configuration before starting automation execution. Sometimes, it is observed that an automation test environment configuration takes a long time to start when done manually. To overcome this, it is essential to utilize DevOps within automation… Download your copy

How significant is the role of QA in DevOps?

DevOps affords the framework that allows teams to move forward software on a more frequent basis. The conventional idea of a “software release” dissolves into an uninterrupted cycle of service improvement over time. In most software development organizations, QA is considered a function separate from development units…Read More

From Manager’s desk

Devan Parikh,QA,Delivery Manager

Dear Friends,
“Recently, I was talking to one of our clients who were recruiting for a position of QA automation lead. They asked my opinion on the skills and experience needed for this concerned individual who would be leading a rather large QA department, but with a role very much intertwined with the product development team. The client’s vision was to have an Agile, Automated software development model with continuous product delivery to mirror its rapid pace of product innovation, pushing out new software and feature releases on a daily basis when needed. This was obviously automating a continuous build, unit testing, integration, deployment – entire Development and Operation works together. A DevOps role – a transformational approach in QA where testing rather than be a separate function, acquires a continuous improvement approach, ensuring high quality products reach the market faster.

DevOps has indeed acquired a significant role in terms of improving the depth and scope of testing for organizations in their quest to improve software quality, addressing business agility, early time-to-market. It becomes an even higher priority for product-based companies dealing with embedded solutions, consumer electronic devices, and connected products. In the past, the single biggest refrain of software products was downtime. That challenge has multiplied manifold today thanks to evolving consumer expectations on speed of service with accuracy. Today, if your web page loads even a second slower or your banking mobile app behaves erratically, would you be willing to put up with that service again? Maybe not.

That argument holds true for features in new product development with increasing competitive market place. To determine if the product is going to behave as normally as expected in a real world environment, DevOps is a surefire approach that lets you remove all the obstacles in automating the deployment of your final product. With DevOps, you can put up with even more number of repetitive tasks, catch problems quickly before they escalate into something major, speed up automation while optimizing the design coverage and allowing thousands of test scenarios to run unattended, so that they can independently detect and neutralize red flag scenarios. And most important is accuracy due to development operation automation!

At eInfochips, we have integrated DevOps like functionalities in QA within a new, unified automation framework called EzTest which enables comprehensive automation coverage in the early stages across web, mobile and device platforms reducing automation effort by as much as 40% (as well as the costs). Eztest can further simulate tens, hundreds or tens of thousands of users, rapidly respond to unpredictable scenarios such as an operational failure (network error/application crashes due to memory leakage) in real time and notify the teams and developers without fail with auto-triggered test execution, write once/execute on multiple devices, and provides in-built scalability to integrate with several known automation tools and technologies.

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Best Regards

Devan Parikh,
QA , Delivery Manager


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