April 2017

April 2017

Internet of Things World 2017

IoT World 2017 | World’s largest IoT Event

May 16 – 18 2017, Booth#101, Santa Clara Convention Centre, CA, USA

Visit us at World’s larget IoT Event “IoT World 2017” and explore new opportunities in IoT with our Intelligent IoT gateway Framework for Edge and Fog Computing

How to choose the Right Video Management Software

The widespread use of Video management software (VMS) in the surveillance industry raises a fundamental question on how to select the most suitable solution for enterprises of different sizes and requirements. If you have a smaller setup requiring VMS installation with just 20-60 cameras, all you need are basic surveillance functionalities with a single management server and a few TB of space. Larger VMS installations (5000 cameras etc.) would require more scalability, greater amount of storage, faster response time for incidents and real-time connectivity… Read More

Designing an Intelligent IoT Gateway with Edge & Fog computing capabilities [Video]

eInfochips intelligent Gateway framework helps you accelerate your time-to-market by providing a ready-to-use gateway software stack that is not only intelligent, but can also be deployed on any hardware. It can be controlled from the cloud and is incredibly easy to integrate within your existing framework. It is designed to run on any Linux/Windows IoT/Brillo-based gateway hardware, including Samsung ARTIK module 5 & above, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410C, Dell Edge Gateway 5000 series, Cisco IR 900 series, and NXP iMX6 based gateways, among others.. Read More

Understanding the buzz around Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)?

NB-IoT is a cellular protocol standard which offers the promise of low cost factor, suitability for indoor coverage, and most importantly, the credibility of 3GPP which stems from the fact that it originated in parallel to LTE (4G/5G) security standards. Building your IoT devices using NB-IoT can save bigly in terms of low power consumption, drastic reduction in data storage and excellent penetration coverage as this is one of the very few networking protocols that can access hard to reach places… Know More

Resistance scaling fixes miscorrelation between PNR and signoff STA

Selecting a PNR (place and route) tool depends on many factors, like ease of use, run time, ability to handle bigger designs, good optimization algorithms, closeness to the industry standard signoff, and affordability. It is quite common to choose tools across different vendors to suit a given design requirement… Read More

Applying DevOps to IoT solution development

In order to weather the big changes of IoT transformation in near future, IoT application developers and product companies must understand that faster time-to-market is very critical to success in the IoT marketplace. To achieve that, you must allow IoT development platforms to do most of the heavy lifting. This is currently a major focus for large IoT enterprises right now, and can indeed play a very key role in the development of scalable IoT applications and services…Learn More

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