AI Powered Vision Solutions for Tomorrow’s Enterprises

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 There are billions of cameras across the globe, generating massive amounts of video data every day. Whether it is from surveillance cameras, smart retail solutions or from remote fleet management systems. Visual content is ever exploding. 
 However, there are gaps between simply storing the data and extracting key business insights from it. Whether it’s smart traffic monitoring to reduce vehicle congestion, loss prevention at retail stores, or asset defect inspection at a manufacturing facility- every other application demands insights. Vision solutions powered by AI have a key role to play in this by providing reliable, real-time & intelligent analytics thereby bringing operational efficiencies & improving revenue streams. 
 Join our webinar on “AI Powered Vision Solutions for Tomorrow’s Enterprises” brought you in partnership with Nvidia to learn all about how AI is driving the evolution of vision based solutions. 
 In this webinar, we will talk about 
  • Trends in Vision Based Solutions
  • Video Analytics at Edge and at Cloud
  • Powering Edge Intelligence Through AI
  • Various technology platforms
  • Use cases across industries such as Retail, Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare, Security & Surveillance, Consumer Electronics and others
  • Engineering Vision Based Solutions: Capture & Stream > Manage > Analytics > Store

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