Medical Devices

Sensor Integration

eInfochips sensor expertise comes from the breadth of industries that includes security and surveillance, medical devices and aerospace. Multi-Sensor supported home automation systems, wearable devices with medical sensors have been the key for some of the key product innovations taken up by eInfochips. Our sensor capabilities include 

  • Expertise in accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS and motion sensors for fitness and home monitoring in medical devices.
  • Home automation solutions with Glassbreak detectors, Inertia sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, dual motion detectors, PIR motion detectors and different contact sensors
  • RFID and Biometric Sensors based inventory management and analytics
  • HD IP camera with embedded analytics for retail
  • Readymade, field tested IP for faster development across the product spectrum
  • Worked with 5 of the top 12 Image sensor companies

Design and Development

eInfochips specializes in design and development of FPGA, SoC, Embedded and Software. eInfochips design and development team enables client to go all the way from ASIC development to hardware design to PCB design to prototypes. Our design team is a one stop solution for getting your idea to revenue. eInfochips idea lab is the perfect platform for analysing the feasibility of your idea and taking it from concept to production. Some of our design capabilities include

  • Feasibility study and requirement analysis with tools built in house for giving a competitive edge to eInfochips clients.
  • RTL Design & Simulation, FPGA Design
  • RTL to GDSII, layout migration and DFT
  • IP Integration, architecture and system design
  • Synthesis and design optimization including floor planning, PAR and time closure
  • Electronic, hardware and industrial design
  • Independent and Joint algorithm development, optimization and porting on different platforms for device drivers, protocol stacks, codecs and BSPs
  • Usability engineering, hardware prototyping and production
  • Software and application development for hardware and embedded systems

BoM Optimization

With the need for easily accessible and portable devices driven by consumer demands, miniaturization has become not only a requirement but a necessity in order to remain relevant to the consumers in the industry segment. With extensive capabilities in ASIC and hardware engineering eInfochips has been able to deliver state of the art devices with reduced footprints. 

  • Expertise with produce reengineering for reduced size, memory and environment footprint.
  • Low power design and integration for wearables and battery operated devices
  • Expertise with hardware platforms like TI, ARM, OMAP, Marvell, Freescale and operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows
  • QA and test cycle reduction by 30% through automation
  • Portable audio and video enabled devices based on supported hardware platforms

Wearable Technology

eInfochips capability on sensor integration has enabled the design, development and testing of wearable devices faster and efficient. Our ability to design low power devices, integrate and build applications on them have not only helped us in setting benchmarks for wearable devices but also foster innovation.

  • Android enabled wearable devices with 40% faster development cycle using testing proprietary automated testing suite
  • Expertise in accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS and motion sensors for fitness and home monitoring in medical devices
  • RFID based wearables for access control and retail analytics
  • Partnerships with ARM, Intel, Qualcomm, Texas instrument to work on cutting edge future processor technology
  • Expertise with iOS, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry for mobile application development for wearable devices

QA and Testing

eInfochips caters to Hardware, Firmware and Software testing for multiple industry segments in functional, regression, integration, system, performance and user acceptance testing. We also undertake specialized testing for multiple clients for making sure that their products are not only compliant but also exceed industry norms. Some of our specialized testing services include localization, compliance, compatibility, usability, interoperability and security testing. Our testing capabilities include

  • 2 decades of expertise in QA and testing
  • 98.5% defect removal efficiency, < 2% scheduled variance
  • 30% faster time to market through automated test tools
  • Test software for existing medical devices for reducing sustenance costs
  • Medical Interface and self -test modules
  • Custom designed test fixture development for medical devices
  • Dynamic skill set for different product life stages
  • Continuous process improvement through test, release, configuration, escalation and risk management
  • Retrofit Integration to existing toolkit for sustenance
  • Some of the fortune 500 companies rely on us for specialized testing and as the final gate keepers before their product/feature is released to their clients.

Product Reengineering

End-of-Life (EoL) products not only take time and effort but also hold a company’s resources for developing new products. eInfochips helps organization to deal with EoL products through reengineering and improved sustenance. Reengineering not only helps in reducing the cost of sustenance but also help add new feature to the product over the lifetime of the product itself. Some of our reengineering expertise include

  • Hardware reengineering for reduced size, memory and environment footprint
  • Variant Management, customization and localization
  • Platform migration, performance optimization and BoM optimization
  • IP core development and integration
  • Reengineering for one of the smallest endoscopy unit
  • Mobile enablement for products with add on SoM/daughter card
  • Processor, memory and system upgrades for existing hardware

UI and Application Development

eInfochips supports medical UI and application design, development and testing on Windows, Linux, iOS, android and blackberry. Our application development expertise on PC, embedded, Mobile and web helps us bring our IPs to life. Our capabilities for UI and application development include

  • Solution accelerators for video streaming, communication, location based services and analytics
  • Expertise in C/C++, VC++, Java, .NET and other open source programming languages
  • Scripting language expertise on Python, Jython and Perl
  • UI development using QT, Flash, Flex and DirectFB
  • Middleware expertise on J2ME, OpenMAX, GStreamer, OpenGL and DirectX
  • Web development using PHP, AJAX, Java Script, JSP and HTML 5
  • Control unit designs on smart phones and tablets for multiple products
  • Native/Web/Hybrid App development with support for sustenance and upgrades
  • Graphics design, wireframes, prototypes, usability assessment and testing
  • Portal development and testing for some of the big names in e-commerce

Low-Power Design

Product miniaturization not only has to deal with constrains in terms of size of internal hardware but also in terms of reduced power consumption. eInfochips low power designs have been used in many of the medical devices for creating some of the most innovative wearable and home monitoring devices. Our ability to understand the end user requirement helps us in setting power requirements goals.

  • ARM and DSP optimization for power and memory
  • Multi-power island designs, analysis for physical design
  • UPF/CPF power saving design process
  • ASIC low power designs with clock, power gating, voltage scaling and multi VT library
  • Audio and Video multiplexers with minimal processing power requirements
  • Power efficient and memory efficient DSP codecs and algorithms
  • Customized power planning for SoC designs
  • Power planning for RTL Synthesis