The Idea Lab

The Idea Lab

Are you facing a challenge that you think technology can solve? Do you have an idea that will make a disruptive product? Bring it to the Idea Lab!

The Idea Lab deploys technology to solve real-world challenges with disruptive products designs. Be it reducing risk to life for hazard-prone field work, enabling access to life-saving drugs or ensuring passenger safety on public transit systems, we have delivered technology solutions that address some serious real-world issues.

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Exclusive Designs

Our clients enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. Unlike ODM companies, we neither share nor sell the designs or products to other companies. Our designs are exclusive and tailor-made to our client’s requirements.

Trust and Transparency

Our product designs are only aligned our client’s business objectives. We do not take incentives from component vendors, contract manufacturers etc. to avoid any form of conflict of interest.

Single Point Ownership

Being the owner of the entire engineering lifecycle, we ensure seamless integration of the electronics, software and enclosure designs into the desired product – a major challenge when the ownership is distributed.


The Drawing Board initiative empowers our clients to take products to market with minimal overheads. The Product Manager and their teams work with the clients as their integrated engineering arm.


The product designs are tailor-made and optimized for the client-specific application requirements. There are no force-fits that could risk the product performance or quality, thereby keeping the client ahead in the technology race.

Design IPs

The IPs for the product developed are owned by the client. eInfochips does not reuse the design for any other requirements, while the client can change and reengineer the design as required.

Market Focus

Our clients focus on taking the product to market, while the engineering details are taken care of by eInfochips. We bring in skillsets at different stages, to deliver products that meet the client’s requirements.

Improved Cash Flows

Commercially, the Drawing Board initiative goes beyond risk-sharing to improve the client’s cash flow. Product investments are required much closer to the revenue cycle resulting in to better financial performance ratios.

  Typical ODM eInfochips
Primary Expertise Volume Manufacturing Product Lifecycle Management
Ownership Span Design-to-Production Design-to-Sustenance (EoL)
Business Alignment Commercial incentives from component suppliers Independent design house
Design Exclusivity Design available to the client’s competition, perhaps even cheaper Designs are exclusive to the client
Design IP Rights Belong to the ODM Belong to the client
Production Facility Client has no say in which production facility to choose eInfochips shares production options with recommendations


Product Discovery requires close collaboration between the client’s innovation team and eInfochips Product Managers. Our architects internalize the business level requirements, use cases, essential and good-to-have feature sets and planned roadmap to recommend solution options with the benefits of each approach.

While we define the product attributes and specifications, we bring in various possibilities from our deep-rooted expertise in cutting-edge technology, to design a future-proof product.



Design Phase develops the product architecture as well as the test strategy. These are developed independently to ensure the tests are conducted against expected performance, and not the product design. Our team of expert architects bring in the best design practices from various industries to build the most optimal solution.

The design phase also takes into consideration the certification and production requirements, to reduce design iterations in the prototype phase and getting the product faster to market.



Product development may require expertise in multiple tools, products and technologies to work together to build a product that operates seamlessly for the desired applications. This could include experts from diverse domains like FPGA, Hardware, Software, Embedded, Video, Wireless, and Mechanicals that work to realize the product.

From a pool of 50+ in-house IPs, eInfochips brings in field-proven solution accelerators that reduce development effort while reducing the product risk.



Prototype Phase is the first complete product available for a detailed QA and analysis. For products that have electronic and mechanical designs, the prototypes are rigorously tested for certification and compliance. Software products pass through extensive interoperability and compatibility test cycles to ensure all defects are identified and resolved.

Output of the Prototype Phase is a ready-for-production design along with production line QC suites. Certification cycles for critical systems are typically long, and it is essential to pass them at the first attempt to avoid release delays.



eInfochips has a network of Contract Manufacturers across Asia and USA for volume production of the product. Production requirements are taken care of in the design phase to avoid design iterations, while alternate part numbers are identified to account for supply-chain inefficiencies.

Given our experience with DFM, Production Transfer, Vendor Selection and Supply Chain Management, production pitfalls are avoided. eInfochips delivers completely built, tested, labelled and packed units for clients to take to market.


eInfochips reduces Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) for products, keeping them profitable for a longer market cycle. The sustenance solution ensures SLAs are exceeded while the global release management, knowledge management, escalation management and defect tracking processes ensure that the end-user experience is not compromised.

Our sustenance solution ensures that the product knowledge is always documented and available, while having a mature engagement with process automation, periodic reporting and risk management systems in place.

Client Speak

What great work we have seen from entire team at eInfochips! Our visit to your design center in Ahmedabad reinforced our impression of eInfochips as first rate organization. eInfochips' work was outstanding: On time, in budget, and bug-free. Your process of "Amplified Outsourcing" provides the right mix of on-shore liaison and off-shore implementation.

- Director,
Global Design Consultancy