The ZigBee Alliance is a global ecosystem of enterprises developing smart and innovative wireless standards enabling green products for consumers, commercial and industrial markets. The Alliance provides green, low-power and open global wireless networking standards based on IEEE 802.15 focused in monitoring, control and sensor applications. The ZigBee standard addresses control choices for a wide range of a variety of devices.

eInfochips is part of the ZigBee alliance in capacity as an adopter. Our membership allows us to access the cutting edge features to make product designs more efficient, secure, reliable and safe for our customers and their end users. We leverage the strength of ZigBee low power wireless standards for various industry use cases in verticals including Retail, Home Automation, Telecom, Healthcare, and Consumer Electronics.

As a ZigBee Adopter member eInfochips can inherit the following benefits

  • Access to final, approved specifications
  • Intelligence from participation in Interoperability events
  • Access to standard work/task group documents and development activities