IoT Cybersecurity Services

Design and Deploy Secure, Connected Products
Exponentially growing number of connected endpoints across industry segments and device types has been fueled by pervasive connectivity, edge compute and robust cloud foundation availability for running data-based application workloads. Subsequently, IoT attack surface has substantially increased in size and complexity. As data security and privacy standards, regulations across the global markets become progressively stringent, enterprises need to design, develop, deploy and manage connected products in a secure manner. eInfochips helps companies design, develop and manage secure connected products across device, connectivity and application layers using diverse cybersecurity platform services and tool stacks.

Why eInfochips for IoT Cybersecurity Services?

Strategic Technology Alliances With Market Leaders In Threat Modelling, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetrating Testing Technologies
Expertise on leading global standards – NIST, NIAP, OWASP and IoTSF
Experience in managing security operations for Azure, AWS landscapes

IoT Cybersecurity Services

Assessment and Consulting

  • Threat modelling techniques (STRIDE, PASTA, TRIKE), tools (Iriusrisk, SD Element, Microsoft TMT)
  • Security program due diligence (IAM, Encryption, Device, Network, Deployment)
  • Mobile Application Vetting

SaaS Ops

  • Implement cybersecurity monitoring, analytics
  • Develop detection, response, remediation mechanism
  • Set up security ops. (L1/ L2/ L3)

Managed Security Services

  • Vulnerability assessment (Identify with SAST/ DAST, Classify, Prioritize)
  • Penetration Testing (Real world attack scenarios, Exploit associated vulnerabilities)
  • Security architecture design, implementation and enhancement

Featured Success Story


Healthcare Mobile App Development

The client needed to develop intuitive, simple and secured mobile application for scheduled medicine reminders, treatment adherence tracking and training video walkthrough. There was also a need for location specific air quality index information update.
Healthcare, App Development

Smart Connected Water Meters

The client wanted to develop and end to end, high reliability, scalability, and availability platform for connected water meters. There were requirements around significant regulatory compliance, diverse connectivity and per device cloud TCO, including a need for streaming edge data insights from the deployed devices.
Water Meter, Compliance

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