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    Initiatives to ignite your career aspirations!

    Initiatives to ignite
    your career aspirations!

    eInitiatives is a unique action by eInfochips. It is customized for the people to break down the stereotypes and to offer flexibility and freedom that has never been offered. Under this initiative, we have two programs for aspiring candidates designed to fulfill their career aspirations and professional dreams.

    eInspire A platform for women to rebegin their professional journey.


    A platform for women to rebegin their professional journey.

    Many women take career breaks due to family responsibilities and want to restart their careers after the break. With our eInspire initiative, we offer career opportunities to these women. We also offer all the support required to adjust to the new environment, training to fill the learning gap and much more.

    Time to Shine Once Again

    Calling women who are ready to hit the work road after a break!

    Women are the foundation of our society, and they play myriad roles in it. They are mother, daughter, wife, and one of the main drivers of each family. Owing to these responsibilities and playing the pivotal role of a caregiver, they choose to take a break from their professional journey. After the break, when they decide to return to work; sometimes it’s difficult to find relevant jobs and ideal organizations that can guide them and help them restart their career with unflinching confidence.

    eInspire is an initiative by eInfochips (An Arrow Company) that offers opportunities to women who want to restart their careers after the break. We provide one of the best work environments and training to update you with the current technology that helps you to come back with double power.

    What we have for you

    Flexible Work Schedule
    Handholding for Smooth Reintegration
    Skill Upgradation Programs
    Choice of Telecommuting to Work

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    Grow where you grew up

    Grow where you grew up

    No need to leave your home to reach your dream. Many People have to leave their hometown, parents, and community to fulfill their dream. To address this issue, we launched a program for candidates to work from their hometown and accomplished their career goals while taking care of their loved ones.

    Working for a big shot company from your hometown is not a dream anymore!

    The decision to leave your hometown to achieve your career goal and financial stability is not an easy step. It has been always a big dilemma for generations and people miss the most important part of their lives while chasing their careers. Not anymore! With our initiative, “Grow Where you Grew Up” you can work, earn, grow in your professional journey from your hometown.

    What you get with eInfochips

    Work-life Balance

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