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eInfochips, an Arrow Company, believes in providing a work environment where you can grow, reach your maximum potential, and have the flexibility and freedom you’ve always wanted.

Here the zeal for new ideas & innovation is respected and welcomed, which gives you an ultimate platform to evolve and grow in many ways. We offer our teammates a sense of belongingness where they can be who they are and work for what they want to become.

We thrive to bring transformational impact on society by creating leaders and generating stakeholder value around the world with digital transformation and connected IoT (Internet of Things) solutions across various cloud platforms, including AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure.

Why join eInfochips?

Perks of being a Chipmate

Milestones we’ve achieved
Made possible by chipmates!

This year eInfochips is recognized as a Major Contender in Everest Quality Engineering (QE) Specialist Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

Won Global Innovation Breakthrough Award for Non-invasive Incontinence Monitoring Solution, in the NASSCOM spotlight awards 2023

eInfochips’ second award – winning engagement is the revolutionary Smart Water Management Solution

Reshape the future of your career with us!

Presence in 140 countries with Arrow
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Benefits at eInfochips

We believe that everyone has a significant role to play in our growth and success. We strive to provide chipmates the best of experiences that focus on their professional, physical & mental, and financial wellbeing. Our benefits are backed by research and feedback from our employees. Being the ‘Solution People,’ we especially designed these benefits to make it easy for our chipmates to have the best of all worlds.

Health and Wellness

Healthy Chipmates, Healthy eInfochips

Financial Wellbeing

Employee-centric compensation and programs for freedom from financial worries

Flexibility and Time off

Time to relax, rejuvenate and have a work life balance

Family support and Care

So that you worry less for your loved ones

Professional and Personal Development

Opportunity to grow and create your own path

eInfochips Addons

For constant inspiration, motivation, and reason to celebration

Reshape the future of your career with us!

Presence in 140 countries with Arrow
Going forwards and beyond every day, every day...

Initiatives to ignite your career aspirations!

eInitiatives is a unique move of eInfochips customized for the people to break down the stereotype and to offer flexibility to work that has never been offered. Under this initiative, we have two programs for aspiring candidates uniquely designed to fulfill their career aspirations and professional dreams.


A platform for women to rebegin their professional journey.

Time to Shine Once Again

Calling women who are ready to hit the work road after a break!

Women are the foundation of our society, and they play myriad roles in it. They are mother, daughter, wife, and one of the main drivers of each family. Owing to these responsibilities and to play the pivotal role as a caregiver; they choose to take a break from their professional journey. After the break, when they decide to come back to work, it’s difficult to find relevant Jobs and proper organization that can guide them and help them to restart their career with unflinching confidence.

eInspire is an initiative from eInfochips (An Arrow Company) that offers opportunities to women who want to restart their careers after the break. We provide one of the best work environment and training to update you with the current technology that helps you to come back with double vigor.

What we have for you

Flexible Work Schedule

No need to worry manage your life and work. Seamlessly manage everything with flexibility and freedom.

Handholding for Smooth Reintegration

All the guidance and support are here for you, to make sure that you have a comfortable return to work.

Skill Upgradation Programs

Upgrade yourself with the current technology and strategies with our uniquely designed training and or avail certificate programs from Udemy.

Choice of Telecommuting to Work

Don’t let anything stop you from thriving. We offer you the freedom to work from the place you want to.

Ready to return to your passion?
Come, join us to restart your professional journey

Grow where you grew up

Working for a big shot company from your hometown is not a dream anymore

The decision to leave your hometown to achieve your career goal and financial stability is not an easy step. It has been always a big dilemma for generations and people miss the most important part of their lives while chasing their careers. Not anymore! With our initiative program of Grow Where you Grew Up” you can work, earn, grow in your professional journey from your hometown.

What you get with eInfochips


With more than 70% engagements in new product development, get an experience to work on latest technology developments.

Work-life Balance

A true sense of work-life balance when you get to work with the best company, and you don’t have to leave your hometown for it.


Pave the way for professional growth with a world-class work environment, ample opportunities, and challenging assignments. Get recognized and promoted as per your abilities and aspirations.

Choice of Telecommuting to Work

Get on-the-job and off-the-job training designed customized for your level. Learn while you work with a dedicated training academy, eITRA (eInfochips Training and Research Academy), and tie up with leading universities such as IIT Mumbai, Birla Institute and more.

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Reshape the future of your career with us!

Presence in 140 countries with Arrow
Going forwards and beyond every day, every day...

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Passion, Pride & Intrinsic Motivation

At eInfochips you get ample opportunities to work on some greatest innovations & ideas and get the chance to solve the toughest challenges of the digitally transforming world. In your journey with us, you advance your career by working on the latest technologies that help you in achieving professional excellence.

Employees Speak

People are the best assets for every great organization. At eInfochips, we believe in providing the perfect workplace for our chipmates where they pursue their career aspiration and have world-class experience in professional and personal growth. Here is what our chipmates have to say about employee experience:

During my 8+ years of association with eInfochips, I have got excellent opportunities and varied technical challenges related to the development of solutions for medical, aerospace, and multimedia domains. I feel extremely proud to be one of the Chipmates of eInfochips.

Alok Bhatt, Sr. Technical Lead

Fun at work

At eInfochips we are #IgnitedToInspire the inner self in our chipmates. We provide them an open space to pursue their passion and be whoever they want to be. With myriads of activities, there is no off-day in eInfochips-sphere. Check out the zeal of our chipmates in various activities with beautiful snaps:

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are not just ignited to innovation, but we are also true believers in community service to make our contribution towards a better society. At eInfochips, our people participate in multiple social initiatives that are beneficial for the community and their spiritual selves. Here is a glimpse of our CSR activities:

Life beyond work

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Reshape the future of your career with us!

Presence in 140 countries with Arrow
Going forwards and beyond every day, every day...

Stronger Together


At eInfochips, we understand the efforts our chipmates put in to bring success to the organization. To acknowledge their above and beyond hard work, we honor them with many awards, and one of them is ‘Chipmate of the Month”. The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding performance every month and motivate all the employees to excel in their work. Meet the chipmate of the month from the various departments at eInfochips.

Meet the Leadership

Behind every successful organization, there are dynamic leaders who drive the people towards excellence. They always keep the team motivated, inspired, and driven. Meet our leaders who make eInfochips #IgnitedToInspire.

Murdoch Fitzgerald

Murdoch Fitzgerald

Vice President, Global Engineering and Design Services

Sumit Sethi

Chief Operations Officer

Dharam Sheoran

Dharam Sheoran

Chief Customer Officer

Diversity & Inclusion @ eInfochips

At eInfochips, diversity and inclusion are not policies but fundamental pillars that make it the best workplace for people. We create a place that is designed to make everyone feel included and supported.

Equal Opportunity to all

There are many reasons for high employee retention at eInfochips but equal opportunities and freedom to express ideas are the significant ones. This is a place where everyone gets a chance to grow, learn and explore one’s potential to reach professional heights.

Gender Diversity & Leadership

To ensure Gender Equality and Diversity; eInfochips continuously thrives to build a workplace that is more inclusive for women employees. We have built a place that is constantly increasing the women’s workforce and paving our path to becoming the best place for women. in the industry.

Reshape the future of your career with us!

Presence in 140 countries with Arrow
Going forwards and beyond every day, every day...

Reshape the future of your career with us!

Presence in 140 countries with Arrow
Going forwards and beyond every day, every day...

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