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LIVE: Auto Industry Trends @ CES 2017 – Day 1

LIVE: Auto Industry Trends @ CES 2017 – Day 1

It’s funny but true that CES-2017, one of the biggest consumer electronics event which starts in the New Year, has already been labeled as a “Car Electronics Show” by the automotive press. One could be forgiven for thinking that way considering the sheer breadth of IoT-based auto innovation on display. With top Auto majors including Honda, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Toyota and Nissan rolling out their marvelous concepts at the event, it is safe to predict that the future will be literally driven by connected cars.

eInfochips will bring you LIVE pictures as the event unfolds. We are proud to say that we are working on some of these solution areas, especially in automotive technologies.

Take a look below.

50 years of innovation at CES on display in one single bulletin. 

The future belongs to intelligent transportation networks. This display by Panasonic really drives home this message, strongly. eInfochips helps ITS companies to leveraging big data and video/camera modules to support advanced engineering development for smart vehicles.

Intelligent Transportation System, by Panasonic (Observe the wireless communication.)

The future in connected cars also belongs to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning systems.

Driving Simulators by Magna was a really cool display.

One of the GPS-enabled connected cars on display.

NVIDIA’s AI-car concept is really like a co-pilot. One of the best examples of a self-driving car which allows you to achieve face recognition, lip reading, gaze tracking, picking up speed on the ramp and so much more.

Virtual Reality solutions were a big draw.


Finally, of course, the biggest draw of the event. All the swanky, future-proof, intelligent concept cars. This was a real feast for the eyes when we saw it in person.

Electric cars have really come of age

Volkswagen is literally waltzing into the future with this sleek concept design.

Amazon Alexa supports intelligent voice command for Volkswagen automobiles

Toyota’s vision of a futuristic car truly left us speechless. How about you?

Honda wasn’t far behind on its imagination of a connected car.

Portal was a real show-stealer.

 It really felt very exciting to be there at the Qualcomm booth. eInfochips’ Eragon product line is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Parag Mehta, eInfochips (left) at the Qualcomm booth.

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