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Enhancing Airport Security using Advanced Technology Solutions

Enhancing Airport Security using Advanced Technology Solutions

Unless you were living under a rock for the last 20 years, you would agree that security and surveillance systems have become so ubiquitous today that it’s impossible to bypass them no matter where you’re passing through:  be it airports, shopping centers, commercial buildings and offices or secured government  installations.

However, as the recent spate of terrorist attacks in different places show, impossible does not always translate to fail-safe. Most security checks today are invasive in nature: they either require you to pass your baggage through X-ray machines, subject your body to a pat-down search or rely on gesture analytics. These methods have limitations because they don’t fully address the real Trojan horse behind most breaches – identity. We still haven’t reached that stage in airport security where the entire surveillance mechanism is designed around individual identity and user-centric data.  Accordingly, here, we discuss a few methods which are likely to be adopted in future to help security agencies and counter-terrorism teams achieve more accurate screening of passengers.

Biometrics in Passports: Many countries are experimenting with passports with in-built biometric templates, a trend which may become mandatory for all countries soon. A small, secured memory device can be used by security guards as well as law enforcement to readily authenticate the finger-prints of each and every person passing  through the airport or other venues where passports are mandatory. The universal adoption of biometric passports will go a long way in putting an end to the present problem of “forged passports”.

Camera Technologies: Every Airport across the world is equipped with Cameras. During the time, a passenger is in the airport and undergoes various procedures e.g. check-in, immigration, boarding etc, video and gesture analytics can help airport authorities to understand passenger motives closely and covertly. The onset of advanced 4k cameras with on-board analytics and high degree zoom resolution can provide much needed aid in gesture analytics. Read our other blog on 4k surveillance cameras to get an understanding of why this technology can prove useful in airport security.

Tracking using Wireless Technologies: Everyone wants to have free Wi-Fi on the airport and the same can be used to track the location of every Wi-Fi end point (smart phone, Laptops, etc.) using triangulation algorithms or Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) Information. This can be further used to find out what is the route a person has taken to reach the airport, what are the places where they have spent a lot of time, what are the things that were purchased and so on.

eInfochips is a Product Engineering Services company and has been working on various associated building blocks for such a solution across the industries ranging from Biometric devices, Cameras, Wireless Devices, ZigBee Nodes and various edge devices as well as technologies ranging from Predictive analytics, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Tableu etc. Please visit. /domains/security-surveillance-and-access-control/ to know more about us.

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