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Enabling Effective Video Surveillance Solutions

Today, the surveillance industry has evolved beyond monitoring thefts and threats. The advancements in technologies enable businesses to deliver intelligent autonomous systems that can predict and pre-empt actions, even while continuously monitoring the object or perimeter. With the increased push to digitize the physical environment, the industry plays a key role in bridging the gap between the two worlds.

The surveillance industry is emerging as a front-runner in the enterprise space. As the security and safety of people and facilities become vital, and as technology gets more and more invasive, surveillance products are having a field day! The presence of surveillance systems in public places and organizations, can not only monitor activities and movements but also help residents and employees feel safer.

Video surveillance is being extensively used in

  • Transportation – To track fast-moving vehicles in real time
  • Retail  – To put a stop to shoplifting, pilferage and shrinkage
  • City surveillance – Round-the-clock safety for citizens and visitors along with many other applications.

So, basically, Video Surveillance is fueling the fast catching smart-city trends.

Our capabilities in surveillance cameras extend to cutting-edge innovation in body cameras, 4k cameras, night vision cameras and more.

We also offer a complete VMS as a SaaS offering, including a fully federated architecture, billing management & tenant management – based on a private, public or hybrid cloud architecture.

eInfochips is a Product and Semiconductor Design Solutions company with the infrastructure, processes, expertise and experience to deliver turnkey technology solutions  including edge devices like surveillance cameras, NVR/DVR, Video management software , video analytics that have been deployed in transportation, city surveillance and retail surveillance. In addition to the above video-based solutions, eInfochips has vast experience in implementing state-of-the-art and futuristic access control solutions which makes us an all-round player in the security & surveillance domain.

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