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Knowing Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)

Deep Learning has emerged as one of the most exciting subparts of Machine Learning

Understanding White Box Testing

Understanding White Box Testing

Testing an application software at all levels to deliver a quality product

Quality Process Consulting Services

The Need for Quality Process Consulting

In this day and age, though innovations are creating a buzz in the market,

Understanding Big Data Testing

Understanding Big Data Testing

The steady growth in the number of connected devices has also given birth to

How embedded devices help in remote patient monitoring during COVID-19

How Embedded Medical Devices can help in Remote Patient...

As the world struggles to fight against a global pandemic, governments and

Understanding Cloud Testing and its needs

Understanding Cloud Testing and the Need for It

Cloud services and applications have become an integral part of the connected

Hardware Design: Designing for Security

Hardware Design: Designing for Security

The devices that we come in contact with nowadays have ability to connect,

Automotive ECUs for automobiles

Automotive ECU: An Inevitable Part of the Automobiles

The automotive industry has drastically evolved over the last decade. The main

Human factors engineering in product design

The Need for Human Factors Engineering in Product Design

Have you ever pulled on a door, not knowing that it was a push door? Have you

4 main factors that affect hardware design in wearable devices

4 Main Factors that Affect Hardware Design in Wearable...

The bandwagon of wearable devices has seen considerable growth in the last

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