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5 Use Cases of Video Analytics in Public Transportation

Though video surveillance provides basic security for public transportation vehicles, a lot more can be achieved by incorporating video analytics. This blog discusses five use cases of implementing video analytics into the public transportation domain. Video surveillance has now become a common

The Role of Video Analytics in Smart Parking Solutions

Parking has been a real issue in the urban areas as it can be difficult for many to find parking spots in public places, especially malls and retail stores. This also leads to higher fuel consumption and recurring problems with traffic congestion. However, other than those, the market for smart parking

How Predictive and Video Analytics Nexus can Enable a Smart...

The goal of any entity dealing with technology is to create solutions that will make our lives easier by solving our problems and making things simpler and faster for us. The focus has always been to capture the incidents and draw insights or evidence from it. But if we can avoid these incidents from

7 reasons why IoT Device Lifecycle Management Platform is Essential...

Managing devices smartly is a very important activity for any product company. IoT Device Lifecycle Management platforms can enable seamless and proactive management of programs concerned with connected device development. In the last decade, the use of connected devices has skyrocketed, both in industries

Providing Better City Surveillance with Video Analytics

The topic of security and surveillance has gathered increasing attention over time. A recent spate of horrific terror attacks across Europe and the United States has served as a wake up call for intelligence agencies and law enforcement to greatly expand on their street-surveillance capacity. After

Enhance Security and Customer Service with Event-based Video Analytics

In the last few years, retail industry players have been making an active push to combat various challenges including shoplifting and fraud, which can originate from both internal and external sources. Though video cameras which are ubiquitous everywhere can definitely provide you with a basic security