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Riya Savjani was an Inbound and Corporate Marketing Executive at eInfochips. Being a Computer Engineer, she enjoys exploring and experimenting with futuristic technologies. She is a writer who is fascinated by the business world, so she tries her best to summarize how enterprises can leverage trending technologies. When not writing, you will find her binge-watching her favorite shows.

Digital is the New Normal to Sustain in a Post-COVID-19 World

Digital is the New Normal to Sustain in a...

The COVID-19 outbreak is the most formidable challenge that the human race

Microservices and Containerization

Microservices and Containerization: The Ultimate Duo for Digital Transformation...

There was a time when the term ‘digital transformation’ was just an ambitious

AI for smart manufacturing

5 Ways AI can Optimize the Efficiency of your...

The modern production line may look much the same as it did years before, but

A Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Managed Services

With rising trend of cloud adoption, effective cloud management becomes priority

Digital Enablement Plan to Survive in this Digital Era

What’s your Digital Enablement Plan to Survive in this...

As food and shelter, connectivity has become one of the essentials for humans

A Buyer’s Guide to Engineering Telemedicine Solutions


Over the years, the healthcare industry has witnessed tremendous

Roadblocks to AI adoption

Common Roadblocks to Successful Enterprise AI Adoption (And How...

Industry leaders across different verticals are setting examples of how cognitive

AI in security and surveillance

Reinvent Security with AI-based Video Surveillance

Modern security operations essentially rely heavily on the data that the security

How Retailers are using Artificial Intelligence to Stand Strong in the Era of Digital Transformation

How Retailers are using Artificial Intelligence to Stand Strong...

What influences the customer buying decision for any product that they do not

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

What to expect from Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing...

About a couple of centuries ago, the Industrial Revolution changed the face