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Model-based Design (MBD) of Mission-critical Avionics Systems

Model-based design techniques have gained a lot of significance in the aerospace industry. Here, we take a look into the methodology and its real world implications. Recent advancements in hardware and software engineering have brought in greater levels of control, monitoring and communication

Reducing Air Traffic congestion with Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)

According to IATA, global air traffic will continue to witness rapid growth in the next few years. Accordingly, the need to ensure better aviation safety standards and efficiency has acquired greater significance. Take the example

IoT in Aviation with System Wide Information Management

The aerospace industry has always been a keen adopter of disruptive technologies - from an earlier era of wireless radios to modern-day turbojet engines, gyroscopic instruments and GPS systems, aviation companies have always been at the forefront of integrating latest ideas into their design and manufacturing

Accelerating ARP-4754 Compliance through Model Based Design

Technological innovations, lower oil prices and higher passenger affordability have made the aerospace industry one of the fastest growing in the world. Avionics systems have always been an integral part of aircrafts and associated systems, and need to be optimized for safety by law. As any kind of

Enabling Smart IoT Solutions using Brillo and Weave

It’s been just around a year since Google announced its Brillo operating system and Weave protocol that aim to unify communication between connected objects. Brillo, an Android-based OS was primarily designed for providing a common connectivity interface for low power IoT objects while Weave protocol

Preventing Mid-Air Collisions with Latest Standards in Traffic Collision Avoidance...

On the night of July 1, 2002, when a Boeing 757 crashed with a Tupolev-154 at 35,000 feet over the towns of Überlingen and Owingen, in southern Germany, 71 lives were lost. Based on the investigation report by German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation, ATC could not identify that the

Making Avionics Software Future-ready for DO-178C using Added Supplements to...

DO-178B is the current de facto standard followed by aerospace companies in evaluating software considerations and meeting certification guidelines for their airborne systems and equipment. Since the 2010s, however, the focus is shifting towards a new guidance system - DO-178C - which represents a greater

Presenting a Case for Porting Android on PowerPC Architecture

Today, Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system, almost seen as a de facto standard by millennials as well as  the older generation of smartphone users. The biggest reason behind Android's popularity is its ability to crystallize both native as well as plug-and-play Apps into a single,

How Data Analytics & Visualization can Aid in Mental Healthcare

The Big data analytics revolution is making its impact felt everywhere, and the healthcare industry has been riding high on the new revolution (

Traffic Surveillance Systems with Sensor Networks

Traffic surveillance systems have been around for quite a while across various cities worldwide. The ubiquitous presence of closed circuit cameras, vehicle plate detection systems and LED lane control lights has made