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Model-based Design (MBD) of Mission-critical Avionics Systems

Recent advancements in hardware and software engineering have brought in greater

IoT in Aviation with System Wide Information Management

The aerospace industry has always been a keen adopter of disruptive technologies

Accelerating ARP-4754 Compliance through Model Based Design

Technological innovations, lower oil prices and higher passenger affordability

Enabling Smart IoT Solutions using Brillo and Weave

It’s been just around a year since Google announced its Brillo operating

Preventing Mid-Air Collisions with Latest Standards in Traffic Collision...

On the night of July 1, 2002, when a Boeing 757 crashed with a Tupolev-154

Making Avionics Software Future-ready for DO-178C using Added Supplements...

DO-178B is the current de facto standard followed by aerospace companies in

Presenting a Case for Porting Android on PowerPC Architecture

Today, Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system, almost