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Mohit works as Assistant Product Marketing Manager at eInfochips, focusing on marketing to Automotive, Industrial Automation, and Security Surveillance domains. Mohit has 5+ years of experience in Marketing strategy, communications, digital marketing, and presales. He holds Electronics Engineering degree from Pune University along with the Master’s in Marketing form Nottingham Trent University.

IoT gateway architecture: Clustering ensures reliability

How IoT Gateway Clustering Ensures Reliability & High Availability

IoT gateways may be the unsung heroes of the Internet of Things world. Without

why smart grids need an iot gateway solution?

Why Smart Grids need an IoT Gateway Solution?

With ever increasing human population, urbanization, and connected digital

How IoT Device Lifecycle Management Is Becoming a Growth...

Connected devices or IoT seem to have become the de facto solution for any

Ongoing trends in IoT device lifecycle management

Today, the number of connected devices is set to overtake the world’s human

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