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Mayuri Patel is a Marketing Associate at eInfochips. Prior to joining Einfochips, Mayuri has completed her B.E. in Electronics & Communication from Gujarat Technological University, Mehsana. In her spare time, Mayuri is interested in Drawing, Travelling and studying new technologies.

How to Solve Common Challenges of Industrial IoT

How to Solve Common Challenges of Industrial IoT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 empowers manufacturers and OEMs to transform their industry operations by enabling smart factories and smart manufacturing. However, there are several challenges of implementing IIoT. Find out how to solve these challenges and scale your industrial

How to Secure an IoT Gateway?

In IoT ecosystem, gateway security is of prime importance since it is the key piece of data collection in the connected system. But how to ensure security of IoT gateways? Read this blog to find different ways to secure IoT gateways. Along with many technological, environmental, and

Securing the IoT ecosystem: Major Issues and Recommendations

The future growth of IoT depends on how securely we can transfer the data from device sensors to cloud and across analytical platforms.  The issue of IoT securityhas become more prominent in the wake of recent

IoT in Logistics: Optimize Fleet and Warehouse Management

Logistics service providers (LSPs) are witnessing a drastic transformation in their business operations due to the advent of Internet of Things. This is impacting their entire value chain from raw materials to inbound and outbound transportation, production workflows, warehousing and distribution.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – The Future of Retail Technologies

Before the onset of the smartphone era, Bluetooth used to be the de facto connectivity standard in transferring data from one phone to another; usually, audio, videos and picture files. Now in its latest avatar, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), or Bluetooth Smart, the technology is making a full-fledged