Posts by Jaideep Chowdhary

Jaideep is part of the Corporate Marketing team at eInfochips. He has close to two decades of experience across multiple industries including Consulting, Energy & Education. A self-professed technophile, Jaideep keeps abreast of the latest trends in technology and likes to write about the interaction of Humans with technology.

The Edge Robotics Revolution: Redefining Autonomy in a Technological Era

The Edge Robotics Revolution: Redefining Autonomy in a Technological...

In a rapidly advancing world marked by relentless technological innovation,

Implementing DevSecOps in Your Organization

Using automation tools to help secure your software development process is

What is DevSecOps and How to get started with...

DevSecOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) with

How eInfochips is fueling a wave of innovations in...

Over the last two and a half decades that we have been around, our engineers

Cybersecurity for Cloud-Connected Devices

Cybersecurity for Cloud-Connected Devices

If a device is connected to the Internet, chances are it’s probably a cloud-connected

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