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Q&A on ASIC-FPGA-SoC Design and Solutions

1. What is FPGA design?

FPGA stands for field-programmable gate array of programmable logic gates like AND or XOR and RAM blocks to implement digital computation in a best possible time interval. FPGA design is being used in various applications, including industries like Aerospace, Broadcast,

FAQs on IoT Gateway

1. Why gateways are required in an IoT solution?

An IoT gateway bridges the communication gap between devices, sensors, equipment, systems and the cloud. By systematically connecting the cloud, IoT gateway offer local processing and storage, as well as an ability to autonomously

FAQs on DevOps

1. How do you define DevOps?

DevOps is a clipped compound term which combines “Development” and “Operations” practices

DevOps in IoT: Creating a Connected Future

The growing adoption of Internet of Things is making enterprises and consumers alike excited about the prospect of a connected future.  IoT devices happen to have a life-cycle beyond deployment, as each one is essential to the proper functioning of a larger, connected ecosystem comprising many other

An Introduction to Environment as Code in DevOps

When Infrastructure as Code is simply not enough! In the last few years, organizations aiming for continuous delivery have started treating their entire infrastructure as if it were just a piece of software. This philosophy known as “Infrastructure as Code (IAC)” allows project

DevOps in Medical Devices

Success in today’s marketplace calls for a greatly reduced product development cycle which can combine speed, agility and precision to roll out new offerings and services in weeks, sometimes days, not months. Struggling

DevOps in IT versus DevOps in Internet-of-Things

In our last post on How DevOps drives business in PES, we briefly touched on the key differences between DevOps

How DevOps Drives Business in Product Engineering Services

In 2016, the DevOps movement has steadily gained momentum leading to massive acceptance by small tech start-ups as well as mainstream organizations.- According