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8 Success Factors With Multi-core Platform – Part 2 –...

Some Useful platforms

Some of the key Semiconductor leaders are focusing on multi-core processing chips or SOCs. Chip manufacturers like Texas instruments, Marvell, AMD, Qualcomm among others are leading the way in the providing the ARM and DSP based multi-core chips. Following are three of

8 Success Factors With Multi-core Platform Part 1

Many designers are eager to build new products on multi-core processors. This blog is to identify applications for multi-core processors, and some key selection criterion to select the best platform suited to the application. Multi-core processors are prescribed for compute-intensive

Security and Surveillance: Faster, Smarter and Connected

The demand for physical security products, especially of biometrics, has been quite encouraging over the last one decade (Source: Transparency Market Research). This growth has, in fact, defied the parallel slowdown experienced across many other industries. We can attribute this to the ongoing worldwide