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Aarohi Desai is a Product and Practice Marketing Manager at eInfochips. She holds a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and was working with NVIDIA in Silicon Valley before joining eInfochips. Leveraging her technology domain and experience, she is now focusing on enabling embedded solutions based on Qualcomm Snapdragon Platforms at eInfochips.

2.5D and 3D ICs: New Paradigms in ASIC

2.5D and 3D ICs: New Paradigms in ASIC

On May 4th, 2011, Intel Corporation announced a radical shift in the semiconductor technology in the last 50 years, the first 3D (three-dimensional) transistors. The new 3-dimensional transistor

Eragon for Edge Computing and Processing: The heart of next-gen IoT solutions

Eragon for Edge Computing and Processing: The heart of next-gen...

IoT solutions have been continously growing in the past few years and have opened up new avenues for improvement. IoT devices and sensors now need to evolve and become smarter, which requires faster computing

The Future of Healthcare: IoT, Telemedicine, Robots & Artificial Intelligence

As latest technology trends continue to sweep the global healthcare industry, we are witnessing medical device providers offering a range of innovative solutions to improve the quality of patient care.

Fly a Drone!

droneLast month 3DR introduced the world's smartest

Qualcomm CES 2015 Round-up for “Internet of Everything”

Going Beyond the Smartphone Segment

Qualcomm is experiencing tremendous success, in the smartphone and tablet segment. Snapdragon processors have evolved considerably over the years, and are

Achieving 50ms latency for video conferencing on Linux with the...

So what does it take to implement a low-latency (50ms glass-to-glass) video conferencing solution based on OpenEmbedded build with Linaro Linux Kernel? It is a greater challenge, as we use only software