How connected medical devices could make healthcare services more efficient and effective

Several companies have begun to implement IoT technologies and weave connectivity into medical devices which has been assisting both physicians and patients for a while.MarketsandMarkets has

Malware is a growing threat to IoT devices- find out how to protect your device!

What is Malware?

Threat actors utilize malware, a catch-all phrase for viruses, trojans, and other harmful computer programs, to infect systems and networks and get access to sensitive data.Malware is software designed to block a computer's regular operation. Malware is a file

Top 7 applications of eVTOL in various industries

Necessity is the mother of inventions; we experience it now and then. But who would have thought that the necessity of transportation and scarcity of fuel will give rise to the invention of technology like eVTOL that will completely transform the aerospace industry? In the recent report by Deloitte,

RPA in Healthcare- Use Cases and Benefits

This is the 2nd blog in RPA in Healthcare Series, in the 1st blog we have discussed How RPA is Changing the Healthcare Industry and in this blog, we

Design For Manufacturing – A sure-shot recipe for successful products

DFM is an innovative and unique approach to a product development lifecycle. It is implemented globally to build better products, lower production costs and improve the product design at a very early stage of product planning.

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