Amplified Outsourcing Model

Product engineering is a revenue function and directly involved in the make or break of a product success in the market. Hence outsourcing such core activities to a vendor often comes with an element of risk involved. In order to overcome such apprehensions, we have distilled our key learnings from our operational experience, across multiple clients and industries, into an outsource management model that specifically addresses the most critical “Pain Points” of our outsourcing clients. eInfochips Amplified Outsourcing ModelTM helps our clients to rapidly achieve a predictable and productive outsourcing partnership. It is a unique business model designed, followed, and propagated by eInfochips to help the outsourcing clients achieve their business objectives of cost competitiveness, robust innovation, and shorter time-to-market by using a highly effective and proven delivery model, proven practices for operational excellence, and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

AOM evolved on the intersection of People, Process, Technology, and Business:

Our eInfochips Onsite ChampionTM works in the client premises, addressing the pertinent queries of the client and acting as the single point of contact for the work assignments from the client with his/her offshore team. This Onsite Champion typically undergoes rigorous training on eInfochips’ offshore project management processes and AOM model for seamless execution. Considering the fluidity of consumer stream, he/she also anticipates and facilitates the midstream changes. The Onsite champion’s key charter will be:

  • Technical project management
  • Single window 24x7x365 accountability
  • Bridging cultures
  • Debugging processes
  • De-risking communication
  • Championing loose ends

The team also comprises of eInfochips Super EngineerTM who is an individual with highly analytical and technological skills. The person will have some strong theoretical knowledge and practical application skills. He/She will be able to design and develop ideas into marketable products and will be skilled in all aspects of product development, including hardware, software, and third-party applications.

eInfochips On Time Every TimeTM commitment is ingrained in our employee’s DNA. The commitment is executed by defining a pragmatic agreement, highly optimized and reliable processes, well-documented procedures and results, and a transparent communication with the client.

Virtual Onsite Centre: At eInfochips, we have set-up virtual onsite centers for many of our Fortune 500 clients, with a very simple, but important goal: to provide our customers with a setting that simulates the experience of having the team in their own building. We have devised a holistic approach to address the most important parameters that clients want with their offshore team set-up: video/audio communication, security, agility and real-time visual access to the teams.

Some of the key attributes of our Virtual onsite centre are

1) 80% overlap in working hours with our east coast clients

2) State of the art Video and audio conferencing facilities and interactive communication tools like electronic whiteboards

3) Fully mature Scrum/Agile/Kanban methodology

4) 24×7 video view of working areas

5) Customized quality metrics and reporting. Our Virtual Onsite Centre set-up ensures that clients have a complete control and insight into the daily operations of their offshore team.